Compact Story of Halwacity

The name “Halwa City” is a special name of Tirunelveli City which belongs to Tamil nadu. The city is very much special for it’s halwa. founded in the year of 2014 and began to serve the customers of India. Tirunelveli halwa is more special than any other sweets as it is made up of natural ingredients and fresh water of Thamirabarani river. Tirunelveli halwa is prepared using soaked wheat milk, pure ghee, cashew nuts and Thamirabarani river water. The ingredients of Tirunelveli halwa gives fresh aroma and delicious taste. Halwacity office is headquartered in Tirunelveli and operates an online store at

Reason to choose Halwacity to order Tirunelveli Halwa

Halwacity is an ancient enterprise which concocts Tirunelveli halwa delicious and mouth watering. The preparation strategy is an unique and traditional as the halwa is soaked for 16 hours before making the wholeness. This soaking will make the wheat more soft and lends massive taste of thamiraparani river water. The preparation is a key note as the entire taste of halwa is depends on the way we make it. Not everyone can concoct Tirunelveli halwa as the recipe of this delicious halwa is ancient and heritage. The traditional and ancient skills of making Tirunelveli halwa is well known by the team of halwacity. Halwacity nearing a decade in making mouth watering Tirunelveli halwa. All food safety standard and hygienic procedures are being followed at each steps involved in making of Tirunelveli halwa.

Always Fresh and Pride

The pride of making Tirunelveli halwa resides on Halwacity. All your orders will be freshly prepared and dispatched as we adapt same day shipping procedure. Our motive is to provide hassle free ordering and delivery services as we focus on our satisfaction of our valuable customers. All of our product ingredients are freshly procured and concocted. Our mission is to deliver the quality products to your door step. Halwacity proves it’s pride by it’s Tirunelveli halwa as it comprise heritage taste.

We serve across India and delivers all your orders fresh and delicious at all times. Halwacity also comprise customer facing team which addresses all the queries and concerns related to the orders placed. We wish you happy and wonderful shopping with