How to heat and eat Tirunelveli halwa

Heating of Tirunelveli halwa is not mandatory. However if you would like to serve hot and melting Tirunelveli halwa, then you can follow certain simple procedure to heat our delicious Tirunelveli halwa. Halwacity suggest you to follow the below guidelines to serve the halwa hot and more delicious.

1.Open the air-tight container and unpack the pouch which contains Tirunelveli halwa.
2.Take out the Tirunelveli halwa and keep the halwa into a cooking PAN or any silver vessel.
3.Spark your stove and start heating the Tirunelveli halwa in sim temperature.
4.Maintain the sim temperature until you see the ghee oozing and flowing on the cooking PAN.
5.Once you see the oozing of ghee over the halwa, then stop the flame.
6.Now it is time to serve the hot and yummy Tirunelveli halwa.

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