How do we pack Tirunelveli halwa

Tirunelveli halwa is a heritage halwa in nature as the recipe used to make this Tirunelveli halwa is an ancient one. The only halwa which last for longer period without any refrigerator. The halwa can be kept in room temperature as it is made up of natural wheat and pure ghee. Once we have received your orders, we prepare the delicious Tirunelveli halwa and weigh it digitally before packing. We use eco friendly packaging materials as per the food safe standard methodologies and adapt hygienic procedures in each and every steps involved from the preparation to packing of Tirunelveli halwa.

We use two layer air tight plastic container for packing which protects the halwa pouch from external damages and pressure while in-transit. The plastic container will be wrapped by tamper proof courier bags which will be an additional security layer to protect the shipment. We also enforce the usage of corrugated boxes for  bulk orders where the plastic containers contains the products will be kept inside and packed securely before transit.

Our packing and handling of the parcel will surely meet your expectation as we adapt better quality standard. You can forget worrying about how the halwa will be packed and shipped as those steps comes under our packing experts who is doing multiple inspection of the packaging before it goes out from our hub. Halwacity is an expertise enterprise in serving online orders of Tirunelveli halwa as it serves nearly a decade.

Just order our healthy Tirunelveli halwa through online. We will be there to deliver such delicious and mouth watering sweet to your door step. Among many foods and sweets, Tirunelveli halwa is playing major role as it comprise unique taste because of it’s preparation and natural aroma. Order online and make your friends and family to relish the deliciousness of Tirunelveli halwa.